Fans of early hip-hop will find the cent.ldn boombox candle melancholic. It is the first-ever candle replica of the stereophonic radio known as “The King” of Boom Box. Fans may remember the radio from the album cover of LL Cool J’s “Radio” from the 1980s.

Take a trip down memory lane with this unique candle that can easily become a centerpiece at any party. You may not want to use it all and just display it or treasure it as a keepsake. But if you ever decide to burn it out, then it may take some time before it runs out of wax. 

That’s because the cent.ldn boombox candle weighs just a fraction of the actual RC M90 Boom Box. The candle weighs 4.2 pounds and burns for 100 hours. Dubbed as the “first of its kind BOOMBOX CANDLE,” it is molded in off-white or cream-colored soy wax that’s both vegan and biodegradable. This process gives it its individuality and the slight imperfections render it its uniqueness.

This unconventional piece works great as home decor. Although cent.ldn advises the use of a plate or trinket dish during usage to prevent the melted wax from spilling onto your furniture. It is a made-to-order piece that measures 28cm W x 14cm H x 6.6cm D. It requires a meticulous molding process as such it could take up to a month for a candle to be crafted and cured before shipping.

The cent.ldn boombox candle adds a relaxing ambiance with its warm and flickering light. It also adds an eccentric or unique flair to any home decor setup. 

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Images courtesy of cent.ldn