It’s wonderful to see naval architects push their blueprints beyond the usual. These proposals give us a glimpse of what might is doable given the current technology and what could become possible later after a series of innovations. The Sovrano is another creative proposal from one of our favorite studios.

This 555-foot gigayacht concept is dubbed the “sovereign of the sea” by the Lazzarini Design. Its majestic stature tells us this distinction fits it perfectly. It appears the firm’s designers are bustling with energy and pumping out stunning projects at an outstanding pace.

So, what insane features did they come up with this time, you ask? Depending on the viewing angle, the Sovrano may not seem special except for its massive size and unique silhouette. However, a part of the main deck toward the bow actually opens up to reveal a jaw-dropping atrium that holds a pool, palm trees, a garden.

This sprawling oasis within the Sovrano is accessible whenever you feel like it thanks to the retractable roof. There’s a U-shaped pool at the aft section of the main deck, while another is just a deck above it. We also spot one more at the forward area of the upper level.

Two platforms form the widest part of the beam at 108 feet and function as helipads. Clients can likewise request to have additional pools or lounges installed here. Motorized winches allow the Sovrano to lower these close to the waterline for swimming or dining with a view.

Lazzarini Design says the vessel can accommodate up to 50 guests across 20 private suites. Meanwhile, the cavernous garage can hold up to six supercars and two 49-foot tenders. As with any luxury ship, everything aboard the Sovrano is fully customizable.

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Images courtesy of Lazzarini Design