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After working on machines powered by BMW and Ferrari engines (Wazuma V8F) among others, Ludovic Lazareth went digging into the Maserati catalog to find a motor that would fit his latest project, which he recently unveiled at the Geneva show. Enter the outrageous Lazareth LM 847.

The weird looking beast you see here weighs in at a massive 882 lbs (400 kg) and measures 8,7 ft (2.65 m) in length and 3 ft (0.9 m) in width, so it’s safe to say you need to be a strong fella to keep it under control. Its heart beats to the rhythm of a 32-valve V8 borrowed from a Maserati Quattroporte, which develops no less than 470 horsepower at 7000 revs/min. Everything is transmitted to the ground via four Michelin Power Cup Evo tires. Yes, you read right! Under its gargantuan body, the LM 847 has in fact four wheels, the rear ones featuring two chain drives and two single-sided swingarms (one for each) with a transversely-mounted TFX rear shock, while the front has hub-steered front wheels (each with its own shock) and Buell-style rim-mounted brakes.

Other crazy details include winged front lamps, split carbon fiber aerodynamic shields, a bulky air intake behind the screen, out-of-place footboards, single-speed transmission with hydraulic coupling & electric reverse, and a Ducati Panigale tail section. We don’t know how this monstrous vehicle handles on the road, but it sure makes a bold statement, both visually & mechanically.

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