The ongoing production delays and subsequent deliveries of Tesla’s Cybertruck open the door for rival companies to supply consumers with what they want. So far, the likes of Ford, Porsche, and other EV startups have gained a foothold in the growing automotive segment. Now, we have GMC as it debuts the Hummer EV 3X.

Take note that the carmaker recently confirmed it is already in the production phase of its zero-emission SUV. Meanwhile, industry insiders are hinting at more assembly line woes for the highly anticipated geometric pickup truck from Elon Musk’s EV marque. Unlike the Cybertruck, however, GMC was more forthcoming as to when buyers can expect their rides to become available.

Originally, the Hummer EV 3X was pegged for a late 2022 launch. The latest update from the American manufacturer confirms the trim package will be offered for both the SUV and pickup truck body styles of the all-electric model. Apart from the exclusive cosmetic tweaks, the variants boast more mileage than the Edition 1.

GMC points out that the truck version of the Hummer EV 3X can reach an estimated range of 355 miles. As for the SUV, it should last up to 314 miles before it needs to hook up for a recharge. All still come with a three-motor setup – one for the front axle and two for the rear. Those who choose to include the optional Off-Road Package should be aware that this reduces mileage.

Nevertheless, in exchange for the drop, there are a sweet collection of add-ons such as extra skid plates, under-body cameras, 18-inch rim shod in 35-inch Mud-Terrain tires, rocker protection, and more. Are these enough to convince you to splurge for GMC’s Hummer EV 3X or would you rather wait for the Cybertruck instead?

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Images courtesy of GMC