We can always count on Lazzarini Design Studio to deliver the world’s most avant-garde yacht concepts. There are only a few that can rival their extraordinary creative vision, but it seems Andy Waugh Yacht Design has been visited by the same muse as the former with the unveiling of the Decadence.

It’s already quite common to see seafaring platforms draw inspiration from the finest automotive examples. However, this catamaran pushes the envelope on what’s possible with the aid of cutting-edge design software, materials, and manufacturing processes.

It seems the Decadence will ignite intense feelings of nostalgia among motoring enthusiasts. Instead of your typical twin-hull outline, Andy Waugh Yacht Design intends to build a 264-foot ship that resembles a pre-war classic luxury car. The team describes the blueprint as a Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull (SWATH).

Despite how it looks, the vessel can “achieve a reduction in pitch and roll movements of around 70% when compared to a conventional monohull, vastly improving both comfort and safety onboard.” The Decadence’s beam measures about 98.43 feet which equates to a gross tonnage of around 5,000 which matches that of a typical 393.7-foot yacht.

As always, clients have a blank canvas before them when comes to the layout, amenities, and overall décor of the interior and exterior spaces. “Each deck has fully enclosable exterior areas providing the owner numerous options concerning privacy and weather protection,” notes Andy Waugh Yacht Design.

It’s remarkable how they were able to work out the placement of the sundeck so that it mimicks the cockpit of a vehicle. In one of the images shared, the Decadence appears to have four sails mounted on each corner of its twin hulls. There is currently no word on the proposed propulsion system, but we hope it packs sustainable systems.

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Images courtesy of Andy Waugh Yacht Design.