If you want to cook up a good meal while outdoors but don’t want to set up a campfire, then a portable stove is the way to go. You only need to dedicate time to cooking. But of course, you also want a stove that isn’t a burden in your adventure just like the Lava Box by Yifeeling Design Lab.

This is a concept for a minimalist outdoor cooker with a design similar to bento boxes or lunch boxes. It has clasps on the side that secure a removable wooden lid in place when the stove is not in use. The cover also works as a chopping board or tray.  Underneath is a burner that runs on refillable butane gas. There is a dedicated enclosure for the fuel canister on the side concealed by a removable cover.  

The Lava Box doesn’t look like your typical portable stove. At first glance and with the lid on, you’d think it’s a storage box, a vinyl player, or even a speaker. Meanwhile, the wooden knob on the front where you turn on the stove and adjust the heat setting adds an elegant touch and enhances the product’s minimalist appeal.

There are vents on one side where the heat probably escapes to prevent the surface from becoming too hot to touch. Renders for the Lava Box show it comes in two colors including black and white. Both look sleek and classy and compact enough that you can basically just hand carry it if you don’t want to store it in a bag.

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Images courtesy of  Behance: Yifeeling Design Lab