As the bike scene gradually sees more eco-friendly options crop up, manufacturers start to cater to more segments. Although most of the carbon-neutral two-wheelers we’ve seen so far are mostly for the urban commute, there are some that are more on the rugged side. LAND intends to grow the roster of off-road-ready electric motorcycles out there with The District Scrambler.

Aside from the slightly futuristic design elements, it’s clear that this bad boy is ready for some rough fun. It exudes an athletic stance which makes it at home on the streets or on the trails. This makes it an ideal ride for people with a spirit of adventure.

“However you configure it, to be street legal or not, The District Scrambler is the most versatile, two-wheeled, on-and-off-road EV legal to ride in more places than any would-be competition,” says the Cleveland, Ohio-based startup. In fact, LAND goes as far as to claim it “is really in a class all its own” and we believe them.

Its 23-horsepower electric drive unit draws power from swappable battery packs. Depending on the capacity and riding habits, The District Scrambler’s range should be anywhere between 40 to 120 miles on a full charge. Capable of 207 lb-ft of torque, it can easily tackle almost any type of terrain.

Choose from three ride modes: eBike, eMoped, eMotorcycle, and Performance. Each respective setting electronically limits the top speed to as low as 27 mph or above 70 mph. The District Scrambler’s 17” rims are shod in Shinko Golden Boys tires. Magura HSQ brake systems ensure reliable stopping power. Pricing starts at $7,800 for the standard trim.

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Images courtesy of LAND