Isn’t it just adorable when your kids start to take after your hobbies? Guys just love to share what they love with their children in the hopes they also find it fascinating. For the gearheads out there, there’s no shortage of scaled-down versions of your favorite automobiles. Junior Cars has the Land Junior for Land Rover fans out there.

It may be considered a toy, but it should drive like a smaller version of the real thing, albeit with less power and speed. The Land Junior draws inspiration from the British marque’s Series IIA. The manufacturer captures the classic charm of the model it pays tribute to perfectly.

This motoring replica measures 81.50” x 36.22” x 40.74” and weighs approximately 530 lbs. Junior Cars says the driver seat is adjustable and is ideal for kids 8 years and up. Surprisingly, it can supposedly accommodate adults up to 6 ft tall and 552 lbs.

The ride height is 10.82” and is just enough to tackle mildly rough terrain. Powering the Land Junior is a 12V 60Ah battery running a 48V BLDC 1,200W electric motor. You can fully charge it in three hours from empty. It has a top speed of 25 mph but can be electronically limited for safety.

According to the product page, it can easily handle a 30% grade incline as well. The Land Junior even has working lights, horns, and turn indicators. The steel box chassis sports a composite GRP body and features steel suspension swing arms. Each wheel comes with Brembo calipers and vented brake discs. Buyers can customize the exterior with automotive DuPont paint in any color.

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Images courtesy of Junior Cars