During the golden age of rally driving, there was a huge number of ridiculously powerful, cutting-edge and just downright insane cars produced for the exhilarating Group B racing class. Each and every one of them had interesting profiles and features.

One that definitely stands out from the pack though is the Lancia Delta S4 Stradale and thanks to Petrology, this car is available to buy.

Petrology has one of the last 46 in the world and although it looks like the odd lovechild or a DeLorean, Audi and Ferrari; this is a truly unique vehicle with a powerful engine that many would say is ‘supremely crazy’.

Seriously, don’t underestimate its 1,759.3 cc 4 cylinder engine, because it has a double-charged output of roughly 480 hp. More impressively, it seems that engineers at Lancia were able to achieve 1,000 hp! People who want to remain safe and standing – stand out of the way and let the real speed demons through.

You can find out the price on request and that will tell you how much you are going to be in debt, trying to get your hands on this bad boy. But, come on, don’t you owe it to yourself and your inner beast to try?

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