The Lake Retreat House by Blac Arquitectos frames views of Chile’s Ranco Lake. It is 950km from the metropolitan region and built as a refuge for a family where they could relax in both winter and summer. 

This is a 140 m² bungalow that boasts an open-plan layout that hosts the living area, kitchen, and dining area. It features glazed walls to maximize views of the lake and natural lighting. It has a rectangular floor plan and prioritizes views of the lake to the east for the bedrooms. Meanwhile, common spaces are on the northeast.

The Lake Retreat House used wood piles to create the terrace that surrounds the property on the front and sides. The projected roof with a pitch and eaves allows the family to hold gatherings on the terrace protected from the summer sun and rain. In terms of its architecture, it is devoid of architectural pretensions. It is practical and efficient yet the outcome is an elegant volume that seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings. 

This is a modern contemporary home that entirely used local pine wood for the exterior and even for interior finishes including the floors, walls, and ceilings. A few pieces of furniture are also made of wood.

Blac Arquitectos constructed the Lake Retreat House on stilts to avoid disturbing its natural environment. They also did not remove any trees to make space for the home. Instead, the volume sits among the trees so it blends in with them so it generates a less visual impact on the ecosystem.  

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Lake Retreat House

Images courtesy of Blac Arquitectos