China is quickly becoming another hotspot for cool architecture. As you can already guess, our pages have featured several already from various regions in the country and you’re about to see one more. This time, we’re taking a trip to Fenghuang County in the Hunan Province. Here, you’ll find the Lahao Stone House by United Practice Architects (UPA).

According to the studio, the remarkable structure is part of the Baimei Village Project of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. The funding for its construction is coming from donations by Sinopec. Given the location it stands on is surrounded by a lush sea of trees, the stonework of the homes stand out even more.

There are 12 residences in total that were selected to undergo renovation. What’s fascinating about the Lahao Stone House is the firm’s use of both modern and traditional methods. The dry laying approach gives the dwellings’ exteriors a classic look. Steel structures are also in use to reinforce the masonry.

So as not to completely cover the buildings within, the roofs are also slightly higher than before. UPA then takes advantage of the improved height to add more windows. This allows residents to enjoy panoramic views of the scenery around them.

The studio notes “there is a strong contrast between the old and the new, the light and the heavy, creating a dramatic effect in the village.” The completion of the Lahao Stone House is not the end of the project. There are still more to revamp and add here which will hopefully boost rural tourism in China.

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Images courtesy of UPA