Scotland’s Islay Island has spent 2016 helping their very own Lagavulin Distillery celebrate its 200th Anniversary of making high-quality single malt scotch for the connoisseurs of the whiskey world. They have filled the calendar with such exclusive events as quarterly nosings of choice malts of varying ages blended with fine dinner selections and rare entrees.

Now the grand finale event for the Anniversary is designed to give back to their community. A single cask bottling will benefit seven separate charities on Islay Island. Only 522 bottles of this rare, signature Lagavulin 1991 Single Malt Whisky ($1,840) were gleaned from that cask.

This special edition whiskey is bottled at 52.7 ABV and smells like “Charred oak timbers, sawdust and voluptuous fruit”, boasting a woody dryness, notes of chocolate, honey and subtle chilli-like heat palate, with red-berry, cedar and, of course, a “smoky ginger warmth finish.” Anyone desiring to sample this heady spirit need only register at The Whiskey Exchange. The lucky customers are to be chosen by a random ballot.