When you love hosting parties or just love to have family and friends around, a small house can only accommodate so much. For those who have made it in the world, a $139 million mansion in Bel-Air seeks a new owner. Los Angeles, California boasts some of the most lavish residences and the La Fin is one of them.

You can find this jaw-dropping party palace at 1200 Bel Air Road, which is an upscale neighborhood. Everything about it is dripping with opulence that guests will remember for the rest of their lives. The dwelling is located on a promontory that overlooks Bel-Air, Century City, and Los Angeles.

These unobstructed views alone are worth millions to the right clients. The construction of this massive four-story home was completed in 2021. The lot is 2.08 acres and more than enough for any future add-ons. The La Fin packs almost everything, but the wealthy are definitely a fickle bunch.

It won’t be a surprise to see some remodeling soon after the keys exchange hands. The development and sale of the La Fin owe it all to Joseph Englanoff. He’s the real estate investor and physician who is also financing “the One” – a 105,000-square-foot, $295 million mega-mansion.

Even as is, the La Fin spans 40,000 square feet with 12 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms. Towering 23-foot ceilings, grand spiral staircases, bespoke crystal chandeliers, exotic marble, and so much more are sure to please anyone who craves the luxe lifestyle.

The luxe showcase does not end there as the mansion comes with a gym, an indoor theater with motorized seats upholstered in Belgian leather, a pool with an outdoor 23-foot LED display. Guest can also hang out in the 6,000-square-foot nightclub. There’s also a private wine room and a sub-zero vodka tasting room. The La Fin is one of the most decadent places you can live in.

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Images courtesy of The Agency