What do people look for in a keyboard? Depending on what the user needs it for, there are several characteristics that can make some models more attractive than others. The most popular option we’ve seen so far are the ones with mechanical keys. Kwumsy, meanwhile, has something unique called the K2. The selling point here is that it comes with a touchscreen.

For the K2, Kwumsy might be taking some pointers from Apple and ASUS. The Touch Bar was marketed as intuitive, but consumers wanted tactile buttons instead. The ZenBook Duo, on the other hand, attempted to cash in on the demand for a secondary screen but in a different form factor.

However, the price point is somewhat prohibitive. Content creators and artists who already own powerful rigs or notebooks but want a similar feature to that of ASUS’s expensive laptop will find it on the K2. This high-tech mechanical keyboard ships with a 12.6 touchscreen.

The IPS panel has a 1920 x 515 resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. likewise, it is compatible with multiple devices such as PCs, tablets, smartphones and more via USB-C. Kwumsy knows what tech-savvy users look for in their input accessories. Therefore, the K2 supports up to 15 RGB backlight settings.

Although more durable than membrane buttons, mechanical switches do eventually fail. Hence, this is where the modular capability of the K2 comes into play. The hot-swappable system lets you fully customize your keyboard. The top also has two USB-A ports, a USB-C port, and buttons to control the setting of its touchscreen. Kwumsy even ships it with a storage bag, key puller tool, cables, documentation, and a handrest.

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Images courtesy of Kwumsy