San Francisco-based Kuickwheel just launched a duo of super-light & powerful e-skateboards that are perfect for daily commutes or just for cruising around town. Available in mini and a longboard size, the Serpent Series Electric Skateboards ($180) both have IP54 waterproofing on the motors and feature 91A high-elasticity PU wheels for a smooth ride along many thousands of miles.

The Kuickwheel Serpent-C is touted as the smallest and lightest electric skateboard around, and at 18″ long and less than 6.5 lbs., it’s easy to see why. Its 300W in-wheel motor can travel 6.2 miles at a top speed of 11 mph per charge of its 24V-2.9Ah battery.

The Kuickwheel Serpent-W is a longboard with a hallowed Aluminum alloy deck capable of supporting 265 lbs. – making it one of the strongest boards available. It is 40.74″ long, has a 25 mph top speed, and a 9.3-mile range per charge to its 36V 4.4Ah 1,800W rear-mounted brushless motor. Both boards are expected to arrive this October.