We recently featured an awesome accessory form Kore Essentials that was both fashionable and practical. Now, we have another that not only looks stylish but offers protection for the users in various scenarios. Aside from earplugs, protective eyewear is critical for overall safety. In the same way that you want to preserve your hearing, sight is likewise something that anyone has no plans of losing. As such, Check out the Kore Recon ballistic sunglasses with Neo-Lock tech.

Earlier, we highlighted a unique and cool feature of the Kore Tactical Gun Belt, which is the Trakline technology. Kore Essentials is imparting a similar element that should set its exclusive shades apart from the competition. They’re calling it Neo-Lock and we will go into more detail about what it brings to the table later on.

Thanks to the company’s philosophy, you can expect products that boast innovative functionalities. It delivers this in groundbreaking ways with superior quality in mind and impressive performance. Hence, The Kore Recon sunglasses are a great option for law enforcement, armed forces, work safety, at the shooting range, or for casual use

Prioritizing protection at all times

Whether it is just for recreation or on the battlefield, sight is crucial in order to identify targets or threats. Even though modern manufacturing methods make firearms virtually robust and safe, accidents still happen. Nobody wants to injure themselves which is why ballistic-rated gear makes a big difference.

Projectiles such as bullets or its fragments can occasionally ricochet off certain surfaces. While statistics place the likelihood of one hitting the shooter, it’s a gamble that everyone does not want to take.

Kore Essentials understands this and ensures that the Recon meets the highest safety standards out there. In fact, it underwent a series of rigorous tests conducted by Colt Laboratories which gave the ballistic sunglasses a MIL-PRF-23432A Class 1 impact and ANSI Z87.1-2015 safety certification.

Moreover, the lenses were on the receiving end of a projectile – T37 shaped — fired at a speed of approximately 700 to 725 ft/sec and remained intact. It also survived high temperatures, submersion in saline, and impact from a half-inch steel ball dropped from 50 feet.

Getting to know the Kore Recon

Let’s start off with what makes the Kore Recon a reliable choice. The frame is crafted out of TR90 NZZ – a high-density polyamide – known for its impact resistance. As for the polarized lens, we’re looking at what Kore Essential is listing as PCPL High Impact with Polarization.

The latter is resistant to smudges and scratches with an anti-reflective interior finish. Meanwhile, the exterior surface can withstand exposure to saltwater and will shield your eyes from UVA or UVB. Clocking in at roughly just 2 ounces don’t let its lightweight nature fool you.

Its beefy yet sleek frame sports screws and hinges that are 25% larger than average. This allows it to endure typical scenarios that would damage average models. Basically, it will survive all manner of abuse as a testament to its real-world durability.

A clever and practical solution

Doubling back to what we mentioned earlier, Kore Essentials touts the Neo-Lock technology as a game-changer when it comes to eyewear. Please note that this is not just some marketing buzzword, as this patented system makes it the most versatile pair of sunglasses.

This works through the use of neodymium magnets integrated within a section of the arms closest to the hinge. When closed, it engages the metal plates embedded in the earpieces. This forms a strong grip that keeps the Kore Recon securely in place.

It’s probably the smartest innovation we have seen applied to eyewear. Ultimately, this revolutionizes how we prevent it from falling out of our shirt, collar, and pockets. The Neo-Lock mechanism will even let you clip it on your sleeves.

Extras make it even better

Each purchase of the Recon includes accessories that add value to your investment. Not only are you getting a premium pair of ballistic-grade sunglasses, but alternative storage solutions as well. The Visor Strap makes it’s easy to magnetically attach your new Kore eyewear to your car sunshade visor. The Velcro anchor point and long strap should fit most shapes or sizes for a snug hold.

For a more traditional approach, the Travel Tube is a heavy-duty plastic case for your Recon. Just remove the lid, stick it on the bottom end, and It fits standard cup holders in most vehicles. Finally, Kore Essentials even throws in a Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth to wipe the lens clean and maintain high visibility.

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