Whenever a new high-performance car is released the first production run normally sells out almost immediately. Despite the rush to be the first, some discerning clients prefer to commission bespoke versions of the model in question. Thankfully, manufacturers have divisions to handle these types of requests. As for Koenigsegg Client Specification Gemera, it’s as close as you can get to perfection.

The Swedish marque is renowned for the meticulous development process each of its vehicles undergoes before they are deemed ready for commercial use. Patience has its perks and those who held off from the initial slots might want to consider this new trim package instead. This news follows the inauguration of Koenigsegg’s Gripen Atelier.

Reports confirm that the Client Specification Gemera will be assembled at the facility. If you are wondering what this version of the so-called “mega GT” offers over the standard model, then let’s start with the powertrain. According to the people behind the project, it is outfitted with an upgraded gearbox.

Dubbed the Light Speed Tourbillon Transmission or “LSTT” for short, this tweaks the Jesko’s flywheel-less and clutchless Light Speed Transmission into an all-wheel-drive system. Not only that, but the Client Specification Gemera is also packing a 1,500-horsepower Hot V8 and an 800-horsepower Dark Matter electric motor combo.

This equates to an adrenaline-pumping output rated at 2,300 horsepower and 2,028 lb-ft of torque at your disposal. Koenigsegg hints at a 2024 production of the Client Specification Gemera with deliveries to follow in 2025. Up to four people can strap themselves in and push the machine to its absolute limit.

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Images courtesy of Koenigsegg