As technology advances, the home appliances we have available are increasingly exciting and complex. Modular construction allows advanced multitasking with only a little effort to switch attachments. A case in point is the new lawn-mowing, leaf-collecting, snow-clearing Kobi Yard Robot ($4K).

This autonomous, handy machine doesn’t need you around to do the job. You can custom-program the robot to care for your environment via an app from your phone, and the little guy will do the job & then return to its charging berth, once it’s done. Made up of a rear base unit and three accompanying modules, Kobi can handle different jobs, according to different seasons.

Using GPS positioning, sensors, and even cameras, the Kobi travels along its programmed path at between 2-3 mph. The lithium-ion battery can provide between 2-4 hours on a charge and the low battery warning diverts the Kobi to its charging station. It is only smart to take advantage of this smart machine to keep your landscape clean, so you can free up some time for other activities.