If you have a pair of audiophile-grade headphones without an accompanying amplifier, what are you still waiting for? You cannot count on the integrated motherboard sound system, no matter how much it is marketed as pure and next gen. It will always be a part of the motherboard, sharing the interference.

If you want true, otherworldly audiophile experience, the headphones are just the first step. The next step is an uncompromising amplifier that will purify and power your headphones no matter their impedance level.

The Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amplifier is truly a complete package as that final step in your audiophile journey. Combining vintage looks with state of the art audio tech, this amplifier will also serve as an ornament on your desk with its anodized aluminum golden dials and walnut veneer. Just look at it, all audio options at your tactile disposal while also giving you class to boot. You might want to upgrade your entire room just so it levels up with this beauty.

Buy From Klipsch $499