If you’re looking to disengage from digital stimulus and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then Fröhlich Gassner Architekten has the answer: the Kleine Bleibe or Small Stay complex. This is a holiday home located in the sleepy village of Reckenthal, Germany which houses only 114 residents. The property comprises three wooden, minimalist structures built in harmony with its forest topography.

To encourage guests to reconnect and reflect with Mother Nature, the complex does not have equipment that generates voltage. It only has a stove, fridge, hairdryer, and a Wi-Fi router. The homes themselves are minimalist in their interior and exterior design. They have distinctly black wooden facades that pay homage to the town’s traditional architecture. 

Meanwhile, cross-laminated timber makes up the walls, ceilings, and roofs. Then solid wood floorboard, and polished screed and water-resistant tiles fill the interior of the structures. The Kleine Bleibe complex comprises of two cabins and one sauna, all encircled by old plum and walnut trees and placed in strategic positions to maximize scenic views. 

The first cabin takes its name from the forest on the edge of which it perches, called the WALDWUNDER. It can house four guests, has large windows, and an open terrace. It features a generous kitchen, seat windows, two bedrooms with framed views of the forest, and a cozy living room. 

The second cabin of the Kleine Bleibe complex is named GIPFELGLÜCK and it can accommodate two people. It offers a freestanding bathtub that overlooks the forest, a small library, and a living area with a window seat. Thirdly, is the HITZEKISTE, a sauna placed adjacent to the two cabins. 

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Images courtesy of Kleine Bleibe