Even your most-prized bottles of spirits need protection, especially during transport. You don’t want them ending in shards and puddles on the ground and mourn over lost money in the process. Thankfully, bottle holders dedicated to preventing this from happening are available just like the Killspencer Wine Carrier.

Designed to hold two 50mL wine bottles side by side, this premium full-grain leather bag features a nylon interior with a removable bottle divider. Nylon is a great choice for keeping the bottles secure as it is exceptionally strong and elastic. It is also resistant to oil and abrasion and to chemical damage. Plus, nylon fibers are easy to wash, they are smooth, soft, and lightweight so it doesn’t add heft to your carry and doesn’t scratch that precious glass.

Moreover, the Killspence Wine Carrier employs a bull hide top leather for its handle to give it a good shine. It also adds a level of security to your prized bottles as the leather is known to be tough on thorns and other penetrating dangers. The addition of a Swiss-made Riri Antique silver zipper adds to the classic yet elegant aesthetics.

Any wine lover can appreciate this as a stylish accessory to add to their collection of wine carriers. Wine connoisseurs would also love this as a thoughtful gift. Regardless of who you give this to, it definitely adds class and a certain amount of posh to the delicate act of transporting bottles of wine.

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Images courtesy of Killspencer