There’s just something about mechanical keyboards that make them a punch above membrane-based models. The drawback? Sometimes they look pretty goofy and not modern enough.

Magic Keyboard’s Keychron K1 perfectly integrates a slim profile and modern design into a traditionally mechanical setup, making for one of the most alluring keyboard designs out there.

You get a slim mechanical wireless keyboard with an RGB backlit Mac key layout. It even comes, most notably, with a dedicated Siri button. Don’t worry if you’re a Windows user, though. Magic Keyboard’s got an exact same one for PC folks, too.

On to the specifics. The Keychron K1 uses Fraly low profile blue switches to provide a vintage typing experience. That said, the keyboard forgoes the nostalgia and opts for a more modern aesthetic. The result is, of course, the best of both worlds. You get the authentic feel and mechanism, but also a polished, current-generation design with an aircraft-grade aluminum body. It helps that it’s uber tiny, too — just 18mm thin.

The Keychron K1 is capable of connecting up to three devices simultaneously and charges up via USB Type-C, which is perfect for your new MacBook. Depending on which version you get (choose from these: 87 single LED backlit keys, 87 RGB backlit, or 104 RGB backlit), the thing ranges in price from $74 all the way up to $94. That’s not too bad for what looks like a pretty solid product.

Magic Keyboard is taking orders for the Keychron K1 now, and they’re going to ship out sometime this month. Get it in black or space gray.