If you’re looking to get away from the demands of the urban jungle or modern society then you can do so at the quaint Kererū Retreat. This humble hut sits among ancient native trees in New Zealand’s Mclennans Bush Road, Mount Hutt. 

This is an off-grid wooden cabin specifically located in Canterbury’s Pudding Hill. It’s an hour from Christchurch, ten minutes from Methven, and 2km away from the Mt. Hutt ski area. It’s designed with relaxation in mind, as such, it does not have WIFI but offers basic necessities for comfortable living. 

The Kererū Retreat is small but spacious with a rectangular modulated floor area of 2.4m x 7.2m. The entry and living space sit in the center while a raised bed with uninterrupted glazing behind it faces toward the morning sun. The kitchen and bathroom are off on the other side tucked under a loft space for additional guests.

This cabin also incorporates hand-crafted barn-style shutters that provide privacy when fully closed and open the interior space to the surrounding scenery when opened. Then there’s a built-in sofa with storage space underneath and a drop-leaf dining table next to a small wood burner.

The Kererū Retreat is an off-grid tiny cabin, as such, it has no service connections. This means it has no electricity and no water connection. Instead, it relies on a solar and battery storage system for power and also composting toilet and rainwater tank. These methods allow the cabin to be transported where it needs to be and also make it sustainable. 

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Images courtesy of Airbnb