Philip Wilkins and his co-founders want you to say goodbye to storing your weed inside Ziploc bags, makeup bags, or even under floorboards. They have created something far better: The KEEP Secure Stash Box, which is not just any ordinary portable storage device.

It not only keeps your cannabis stash safe from prying hands but also seals any odour at bay. It uses a hermetic seal to keep your weed fresh and odour-free. This way, it ensures that no one can smell your stash and know its location but you.

Moreover, the KEEP Secure Stash Box discreetly stores recreational drugs because of its sleek appearance. It features an LED display that shows the time and outdoor temperature. This makes people easily mistake it as a bedside alarm clock. It is no ordinary storage device too. It is smart-enabled so you can easily monitor your cannabis stash anytime and anywhere.

You can use its companion app to secure locking, unlocking, and monitoring through WIFI and Bluetooth. A built-in biometric lock that connects to your smartphone enables you to access the device through a passcode, thumbprint, or facial recognition, depending on your phone’s security feature.

Meanwhile, the interior features humidity and temperature monitors, a built-in scale, an organization pod, and a removable rolling tray. The device can store up to 28 grams of flower or a total cannabis weight of 4.4 pounds. The KEEP Secure Stash Box comes in two colour variants namely black and white. It also has a USB charging cable so you can recharge the battery.

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Images courtesy of KEEP