When it’s hot out we easily reach for those comfortable pair of shorts during walks in the urban jungle. We also usually opt to wear them when working out or when in any physical activity or sports. But often we encounter storage problems especially if the pockets are either very shallow or too tight to reach in. We struggle to get items out or worry about losing them. Keap Athletics provides a solution to these common problems with practically designed pockets that ensure you keep your essentials with you no matter your movements.

Reach for The Active Short when you hit the gym, the track, the field, or the court. This is for activewear, as such, it is designed to move with you. It uses a four-way stretch material and features an athletic waistband. Yet it boasts a modern cut for an elegant look. Storage-wise, it gives you a zipped back pocket and a couple of front pockets that securely hold your phone, wallet, and other EDC. 

However, for all-around versatile wear, you can find comfort in the Keap Athletics The Original Short. It combines functionality and comfort you can even sleep with it on. It boasts a classic cut with redesigned front opening pockets, that just like The Active Short, guarantees you don’t lose items stashed inside. 

What makes both The Active and The Original Short stand out from any of its kind are the horizontally-cut deep pockets. They keep items safe and secure as they sit naturally away from the opening to prevent them from slipping as you sit or move around. Truly, Keap Athletics puts pockets to good use and not merely for aesthetics appeal.

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Images courtesy of Keap Athletics