Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the office in the middle of a forest? The folks behind the KantoorKaravaan sure think so. Made up of several tiny offices ( plus food carts and tents), this mobile off-grid workplace can set up camp at various locations in the countryside.

Each micro-office comes ready with Wi-Fi, a coffee-maker, an efficient biomass cooker, compost toilets, and solar panel. Simply bring your laptop and enjoy (read: get shit done)! Both personal-sized setups, as well as tailor-made facilities for groups are available for conferences, brainstorming sessions, workshops or other business-related shenanigans. Ditching the monotony out of work, the KantoorKaravaan ( Dutch for “office caravan” ) allows you to experience the wilderness while providing the necessary components for a successful day “at the office”. Need to stretch? Take a hike! Chop up some wood! “Get” dinner! – all while being able to get back to work as quickly as you walked away from it.

KantoorKaravaan’s unique green pricing structure allows you rent at your leisure ( occupants pay what they can afford ). And if you’re short on cash, you can also choose to participate in activities related to the KantoorKaravaan and the camp’s natural location, to reduce the bill. For now, this service is only available in Netherlands, with plans to be extended to Sweden, Greece, Spain, and the US. Where do we sign?