There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to prepare us for the hectic day ahead at work. But the lack of it can sometimes make our brain foggy and so we aren’t able to do our best at work. To help employees combat this, Furniture supplier Itoki collaborated with Hokkaido woodworking company Koyoju Plywood Corporation to create the Kamin Box or “Nap Box.”

Naps help you from completely dozing off at work. But we often end up taking a few minutes of shut-eye in the bathroom as doing so on your desk is a no-no. But Saeko Kawashima, communications director of furniture maker Itoki, finds this to be unhealthy. Thus, the “Nap Box” provides space for workers to indulge in some much-needed shut-eye. 

The Kamin Box does not have your typical bed design to prevent workers from completely sleeping on the job. Instead, it’s a sleeping pod where employees have to take their naps while standing up. Kawashima said this is better compared to sleeping in a bathroom stall. 

“I think a lot of Japanese people tend to work continuously with no breaks. We are hoping that companies use this as a more flexible approach to resting, ” he told Bloomberg News.

So how does the Kamin Box works? It is designed to support the head, rear, and knees. Inside is a small ledge that supports your rear and another one that is at chin or forehead level to support the head. The concept behind the pod is that it is strong and safe enough to hold your body in place while you sleep standing up. But whether this is comfortable, we’ll live that to you to decide.

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Image courtesy of Itoki Furniture