BMW Motorrad joined forces with the design genius of Jens vom Brauck, founder of the Cologne-based JvB-Moto, to create a unique R NineT Scrambler – a ride that looks even sleeker than the original. Envisioning the new nineT as a “small bike with a big engine,” Jens trimmed as much off the bodywork as possible to help emphasize that look, and the result clearly shows he nailed it!

The 10-liter aluminum tank – painted in white and a smashing gradient paint (BMW’s racing colors) on the front – was narrowed & shortened and the airbox was modified to support it. New dual intakes with carbon fiber covers were added and a serious redesign of the electronic system has also been performed. The new subframe hosts a solo seat with a short aluminum tail fender holding LED tail lights, license bracket, and Motogadget turn signals, while the exhaust headers now sport a single modified Arrow muffler.

The nineT’s engine was considered quite effective as-is so was deemed to not require upgrades. The original handlebars, however, were replaced by a cross-braced version. While this Scrambler is a one-off build, there are hopes that production models will soon see some of these JvB-Moto alterations become permanent. [via]