There’s just something with the smell of coffee to perk you up in the morning or in the afternoon during a dreary day at work. Now you can enjoy a fresh cup as soon as you wake up with Joy Resolve’s Barisieur Coffee and Tea Brewing Alarm Clock.

Its name is already telling enough of what this nifty machine does. It brews coffee or tea for you at your desired time. It is an automatic brewer that works with a built-in clock with a timer function to start the brewing process. This device can make up to three servings at once, so you can go about doing your usual morning routine while the machine does its job.

Joy Resolve’s Barisieur Coffee and Tea Brewing Alarm Clock comes with a storage container that holds over a week’s worth of coffee grounds. A smart induction coil boils water in three minutes and has an automatic shut-off. It brews coffee or tea to 201°F, has a refrigerate and milk vessel, and uses a reusable filter dripper for easy cleanup.

Moreover, this device also functions as a convenient power charger. It has a 5V USB port to charge your smartphone or other mobile devices. Aesthetics-wise, it comes with borosilicate glass, a walnut tray, and polished stainless steel tubing with silicone rubber. While it may look good on your bedside table, we wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t want to accidentally get scalded.

Instead, Joy Resolve’s Barisieur Coffee and Tea Brewing Alarm Clock would look great in the kitchen or on the bar counter. You can also have it in the office so you have a fresh cup waiting for you at work. 

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Images courtesy of Joy Resolve