For most of us, it’s already the year 2024 and we’re eager to see all the new stuff on its way. However, some countries are also preparing for the upcoming Lunar New Year, which is slated to fall on February 10. As with any major event like it, celebrations are bound to be lavish. Meanwhile, Johnnie Walker proposes that we toast with Blue Label Year of the Dragon.

It’s always a pleasure to cover these types of releases and so far, we’ve seen other labels also cater to the annual occasion. To ensure that drinkers enjoy their sips, only the best blends are featured for everyone to imbibe in. Of course, like their previous outings, Johnnie Walker is not about to tweak their established routine.

Similar to what the rest of the world does when the year closes, there are huge gatherings — particularly family — to view fireworks, distribute red envelopes, and other cultural practices. However, at the end of the day, many break out their finest spirits to share with loved ones and the Blue Label Year of the Dragon is an excellent choice.

Just like before, this is a limited-edition offering that pays homage to the next animal in the Chinese zodiac. Collectors who are purchasing the Blue Label Year of the Dragon are in for a treat. In addition to the delightfully blended whiskey, the bottle and packaging are also adorned with special artwork you can proudly display thereafter.

“Give the gift of precious depth this Lunar New Year with the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of the Dragon limited edition design. The vivid design, created by the world’s most influential visual artist, James Jean, features an innovative and dynamic interpretation of the 2024’s Zodiac animal, the noble Wood Dragon,” reads the description.

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Images courtesy of Johnnie Walker