Although we were hoping to finally enjoy movies on the silver screen, the dreaded second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is not making it easy. Sure, there are theaters that are now open, but we would rather not expose ourselves and risk it. As you already know, it is possible to replicate the experience with the help of a projector. It looks like JMGO and Leica agrees as they unveil the 01 Pro.

Projectors have been around for so long, but the majority of consumers still prefer huge flat-screen TVs. From a screen size-to-price ratio, entertainment experts would recommend the former as you can easily turn a suitable wall into a screen. Unfortunately, the capabilities of average models are constrained by the smaller spaces. This won’t be an issue for the 01 Pro.

JMGO is hoping to cash in on the growing market for ultra-short-throw projectors. Unlike the regular types, which are normally mounted on the ceiling or set on an elevated area, these are freestanding platforms that can generate bigger images from a shorter distance.

With the help of Leica, the 01 Pro should deliver vibrant and crisp visuals for movies or gaming. According to the manufacturer, you can even position it no more than a foot away from your viewing surface. Not only that, Dynaudio stereo speakers with support for DTS and Dolby Audio should provide immersive acoustics.

Connectivity options include HDMI and Bluetooth as the projector runs on JMGO’s Luna operating system. Hands-free control via Amazon’s Alexa is another convenient feature on the list. From 9.2 inches away, the 01 Pro can project up to 100 inches in full HD or 4K. This makes it ideal for entertainment setup in limited spaces.

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Images courtesy of JMGO