If you have ever imagined what would result from the fusion of a surfboard with a hydrofoil, the Jetfoiler eFoil ($TBA) is most likely the answer. This fun, water-gliding craft has been equipped with a very quiet electric motor that runs the hydrofoil which, as it comes up to speed, it raises the board out of the water so that you are hovering above the surface.

Designed by ex-kiteboarding professional Don Montague, this innovative board has the motor built directly into the hydrofoil. Controlled by an attached hand-held remote, the Jetfoiler can alter speed as well as steer the device. The watercraft also has an optional cruise control feature that kicks in above a certain speed for even greater relaxation on the hover ride.

Originally conceived as a training board for beginning kiteboarders, the Jetfoiler also provides an excellent extreme sports opportunity for longer and more challenging voyages. Details in the video.