While jellyfish aquariums are nothing new, they are seldom very good. Some will even allow your jellies to be sucked into the filter. The JellyTank Jellyfish Aquarium ($250) fixes the issue, not only keeping your jellyfish safe, but also displaying them in a beautifully aesthetic way that provides them remarkably nature-like living conditions.

Working with an accredited aquaculture research facility, JellyTank uses science to create a flow-bar design to allow the jellies to be moved by the current it produces in this rounded tank by the pump. Its integrated filtration system uses both mechanical and biological methods to keep maintenance simple and effective for a healthy tank.

As a mobile piece of art, the high-grade aquarium acrylic tank is lit by a color-changing LED which gives the JellyTank the look of a living lava lamp as the jellyfish float around inside. The tank is available in both black and white, and can also come with select jellyfish which the company will ship AFTER you have set up the tank. Details in the video [via]