As concerns regarding climate change surge, sustainable alternatives to transportation, manufacturing, living, and more are in the spotlight. Everybody wants to get in on the eco-friendly craze and we’re all for it as well. To share what other notable companies might offer in the future, check out the Jeep Container House as it promotes a nomadic lifestyle.

Unlike your typical motorhome or camper trailer, what Jeep Japan proposes is something else. A modular residence that can be deployed almost anywhere. The only caveat so far is mobility. It needs heavy equipment to haul and assemble at the owner’s desired location. The team proposes the use of shipping containers to design a custom dwelling.

Instead of ending up in scrapyards, the Jeep Container House is repurposing these durable hunks of metal into bespoke buildings. Images show a minimalist modern abode ideal for off-grid living. The default template provides a modest example of how the layout can provide adequate ventilation, outstanding views, and optimal allocation of its volumes.

If the spaces are not enough, additional sections could be added when the family grows bigger. So far, the Jeep Container House shows a rooftop deck with wooden floors and photovoltaic cells to harvest energy from the sun. A retractable roof helps light up the interiors and perhaps manage temperatures on a hot day.

Aside from all-electric and hybrid versions, other green configurations are hopefully just down the line. The concept is still in the early stages, which means improvements are still underway. Nonetheless, the Jeep Container House provides insight as to how engineering and architecture can minimize environmental impact via clever innovative approaches.

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Images courtesy of Jeep