It is no surprise that Jarre Technologies is committed to the necessary research and development to create the very best in electro-acoustic mastery. Its founder and chief designer Jean-Michel Jarre is a master musician whose instrumental and New Age music requires the very best sound reproduction quality to appreciate the nuances of his multi-layered creations.

The new Jarre AeroBull Speakers ($700+) are a bit more than just a vehicle for sound. With connectivity via Bluetooth or a good ‘ol 3.5mm in/out port, your music can be played from a wide variety of devices. Each Bulldog/speaker packs two 2.25 inch, 30W full-range satellite drivers and a 60W subwoofer for a resounding 120W growl/output.

To give these extraordinary speakers a quirky touch, they are shaped in the form of a sitting French Bulldog and the remote is shaped like a treat bone. The AeroBull comes in three colors, Glossy Red, Glossy White, and Matte Black, each providing a docking port for an iPod or iPhone. Created by the same folks that introduced this sci-fi looking, donut-shaped speaker.