The multi-talented folk at Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations are used to strange requests from their clients for one-off specialty vehicles. They were not, however, expecting some of the radical requests made by British chef, TV personality, and life-long Land Rover owner and fan, Jamie Oliver.

The easy part of turning the Discovery into Jamie’s dream car was the slide-out kitchen in the back. While similar to what can be found in camper-trailers, this one is a bit larger and fancier, including such perks as leather-wrapped cladding and an extra wide prep area. A spice rack and living herb garden are built into the back windows and the retractable vinegar and olive oil dispensers are made from Land Rover indicator controls.

Other specs of this extraordinary gourmet build include a 4.7-liter slow cooker under the hood, butter & ice cream churns in the special wheel drums, a rotisserie in the front, and even a two-slice bread toaster in the console.

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