As much as we would like to suggest otherwise, size definitely matters when it comes to the yachts. In fact, these vessels are often classified based on their LOA and type of propulsion systems. Still, this does not mean shipbuilders no longer care for creativity as we get to see what the 150 Yacht Support offers its owners.

This twin-hull concept is brought to us by Ultimate Catamarans and touts an all-aluminum construction. According to reports, the silhouette is inspired by the company founder’s Spaceline approach. Ralph Wuttke’s personal viewpoint not only focuses on sleek appearances but also balances top-notch quality with spacious interiors for clients to enjoy.

The 150 Yacht Support owes its clean design to Laura Pomponi and Hans Konings of Luxury Projects and KYC Yacht Consultancy, respectively. A glimpse of its exterior shows a multi-hull that evokes performance alongside a contemporary profile. Surprisingly, the team behind its blueprint notes it will function as its name implies.

At 150 feet, this is already a sizeable ship fit for various forms of leisure, entertainment, and sea travel. Nevertheless, it’s ready to become an auxiliary vessel to an even larger superyacht if the buyer deems it so. Hence, we’re looking at 4,300 square feet available for storage or other customizations.

According to the German shipyard, the massive volumes are ideal for tenders, water toys, and smaller land-based vehicles. Furthermore, owners and their guests can arrive and leave by air via the touch-and-go helipad located on the aft deck. As for accommodations, the 150 Yacht Support’s layout features four staterooms that can house up to eight.

Furthermore, cabins are available for up to 15 crew. The propulsion system was not specified as of this writing, but the 150 Yacht Support boasts a range of 5,000 nautical miles at 18 knots. It can max out at 20 knots for a truly exhilarating ride.

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Images courtesy of Ultimate Catamarans