Italian designer Jacopo Leoni has reimagined the humble houseboat into a super-structured, highly-designed luxurious home equipped with a jacuzzi and a swimming pool. His concept called Cube Houseboat, is an angular vessel built on a robust aluminum catamaran as its foundation featuring slightly curved and asymmetrical displacement hulls.

The structure or “Cubic House” as Leoni calls it, also showcases red reinforced glass. It’s a floating home concept that beautifully marries architectural artistry with marine engineering. It was inspired by the pioneering creations of the modernist movement and the work of Swiss-French architect and designer Le Corbusier. 

The 59-foot Cube Houseboat have the living quarters spread out across three decks. The primary suite is on the upper deck and it is home to a personal jacuzzi, a sizable custom swimming pool, as well as a scenic outdoor wheelhouse. Meanwhile, a few steps down the vessel is the main deck which has ample space for entertaining both indoors and outdoors.

Then further down the steps are where the machinery (tanks, lockers, and more) are housed. The stern offers space for water toys and other equipment while the bow is specifically for mooring. Guests to the Cube Houseboat can enter the vessel through an external door while the crew can use the ladders.

In terms of grunt, this magnificent catamaran is equipped with a couple of propellers powered by a diesel engine through a reverse-reduction gearbox. Leoni has yet to provide details on the estimated range or top speed, but says this vessel offers “a smooth and efficient voyage.” A physical model of the Cube Houseboat will be on display at the “Beyond Horizons: A Voyage through Yacht Design” show in Tuscany, Italy on Saturday, November 18. 

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Images courtesy of Leoni Design Workshop