Anyone who plays electric guitar, even just as a hobby, knows how annoying cables can be. Well fellow guitarists, now you can ditch those messy cables and stream your guitar playing wirelessly via JACK – The WiFi Guitar Cable ($150,00). This thing transmits crystal clear sounds in real time playback to your amplifier and also any WiFi devices such as a PC, tablet or phone.

Simply plug a Jack into your guitar, and a second one into the amp, pedal board, or just connect it to your chosen WiFi gear, and you are set. You can rock’n’roll on top of a mountain if you wish, because Jack doesn’t require a router or internet connection- it runs on an integrated high capacity battery, that charges from a standard micro USB. This is the first wireless guitar lead that sends 24-bit, uncompressed studio quality audio to your devices. Oh, and it’s also worth mentioning that Jack articulates to fit any guitar type. via

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JACK - The WiFi Guitar Cable 5

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