Crossover can mean a lot of things. In basketball, it is a maneuver wherein players dribble the ball between their hands. In the automotive industry, the word refers to a type of SUV. Finally, it also alludes to a partnership between two parties. The latter applies to the AMG Performance Luxury Audio speaker.

This upmarket device is a collaboration between legendary German marque Mercedes-AMG and Italian audio specialist iXOOST. Normally, high-end vehicles feature entertainment systems from renowned names in the business. The AMG Performance Luxury Audio speaker approaches it the other way around.

We featured something similar in past form Porsche Design, wherein it fabricated high fidelity speakers that resemble parts of their vehicles. iXOOST’s is also offering acoustic products that lean heavily on motorsports. They’re supplying wealthy audiophiles with distinct tastes for motoring-themed items.

The AMG Performance Luxury Audio’s clearly draws aesthetic cues from the Mercedes-AMG GT. Specifically, the accurate depiction of the supercar’s radiator grille. iXOOST replicates the hood strakes, 15 slats, and silver three-pointed star emblem. Original exhaust tips from the Mercedes-AMG GT line the sides.

Meanwhile, its rear section even shows a three-piece diffuser. The speaker also touts a carbon fiber monocoque housing supported by three legs. The stand and grille are anodized aluminum. iXOOST outfits the AMG Performance Luxury Audio with four 1” tweeters and two 6” woofers.

As for the electronics, it packs two 125W amplifiers, an integrated digital signal processor (DSP), and Bluetooth 4.5 connectivity. The AMG Performance Luxury Audio measures, 25.59” x 29.92” x 10.24” and weighs about 33.07 lbs. Its awesome nods to the Mercedes-AMG GT make it a must-have speaker for those who own the vehicle.

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Images courtesy of iXOOST