Just one year after its debut, the Ishigaki Earth villa designed by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto for hotelier Not A Hotel is now up for sale. Located on Ishigaki Island, an idyllic island in Japan’s southwestern region of Okinawa, the villa boasts a sweeping green roof and designed to accommodate 10 people in four bedrooms while being “connected to earth” with its “vague boundary between the inside and outside”.

The villa is shaped as a disc with large circular openings punctuating the walkable green roof. The building is organised in a way that every angle provides optimal views of the surrounding beautiful landscape, as such it has no front or back. It has a tree and a pond at the roof’s lowest point. 

Ishigaki Earth, which is part of Not A Hotel’s rentable villas across Japan, is open indoors and outdoors and faces the sea. The interior is set beneath the sloping meadow-lined roof and takes on a curving space, following the circular shape of the building. 

The living and dining area looks out over the nearby sea while other communal areas feature an open-plan layout with glazed walls to connect indoors and outdoors. Outside is a 12-meter infinity pool and a firepit accessible from the living area on an adjacent terrace, which also connects to an open-air bath and an underwater sauna. 

Ishigaki Earth sits on an expansive 9,900-square-meter property and its unique structure mimics the undulations of the rolling hills. Its circular structure and concave design offer the interior unobstructed views of the pristine tropical surroundings while strategically blocking views of nearby buildings.    

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Images courtesy of Not A Hotel