The Ironate Stovetop Pizza Cooker is a foolproof way to ensure your pizza pies always come out perfect. Made of high carbon steel, the long-lasting pan reaches temperatures of over 800°F and it heats up to working temperature 4 times as fast as an average home oven, saving you time and energy.

Thanks to its fast-heating properties, the cooker can evenly bake a crispy pizza in just 3 minutes. It can also sear a steak, bake a piece of fish, or stir-fry veggies impeccably, and it works on any type of stovetop, grill or campfire. The versatile Ironate pan measures 10” in diameter, weighs in at 10 lb (4.5 kg), and comes with two wooden handles, and a user manual with pizza recipes.

Buy From Huckberry $125