To remove wrinkles from most types of fabric, tumble drying should be enough in most cases. However, if you don’t have access to one at home for some reason, your local laundry service should have it. For situations that call for a steam iron, Gökçe Nafak shares his innovative concept called the Iron-B. This is a great example of versatile functionality with minimalist design.

One look at the form factor of this device makes us think that a curling stone might be the inspiration behind it. The handle placement and shape of the base does resemble one, but that’s where the similarity ends. The Iron-B is not for sports, but a household appliance with some fancy upgrades.

The designer wanted to make the task as simple as possible. Also, users have full control over the settings for different types of fabric. Steam ironing is not just blasting hot vapor on textiles and expecting the same results. Depending on the material, you need to set the temperature properly to prevent damage.

Analog dial knobs are a thing of the past, which is why the Iron-B goes digital instead. A small backlit display is flanked by buttons to adjust the heat. The steam shot button is accessible just above the ergonomic handle. Wireless connectivity and smart features appear to be included as well.

An auxiliary screen shows you the battery’s charge, time, and weather. Meanwhile, the soleplate uses a TrueGlide non-stick coating to slide with minimal friction over any fabric. We also notice an LED light strip on the edges which could indicate the temperature. If the Iron-B does come out, it would probably retail for a premium price.

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Images courtesy of Gökçe Nafak