No matter how many tech pundits point out Apple’s apparent lack of innovation each time they roll out a new iPhone, some users still throw money at the latest releases. This year consumers have the iPhone 14 series. For users who want to give their gadget an equally premium protective accessory, INKAR has something remarkable.

Instead of catering only to owners of the iPhone 14, the luxury goods company is also including the iPhone 13. Keep in mind that these are for the Pro models only and are limited to 99 units each. Moreover, INKAS urges you to purchase early because only five “are exclusive redline silver cases, hand drawn by artisans.”

These aftermarket add-ons for your supported iOS smartphones are in collaboration with the legendary automotive design group Pininfarina. The studio is apparently channeling the aesthetics of its Modulo concept car which debuted in 1970. At the time, its aesthetics were futuristic in contrast to most vehicles.

INKAR is drawing upon that signature silhouette with designer Paolo Lugaro responsible for penning the layout. Overall, this is the realization of a two-year venture to imbue characteristics from the prototype car into a case. Furthermore, buyers are free to personalize these according to their distinct tastes.

They can choose from five base colors for the frame and two hues for the lens leathers. Next, there are 10 inlay plates available in carbon fiber, aluminum, natural wood, and leather to adorn the lower cutout. Precision manufacturing allows the INKAR x Pininfarina cases to be accurate “to the nearest 0.1 mm.” Each will come with an engraving of its serial number to denote its special production.

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Images courtesy of INKAR/Pininfarina