After the incredible marketing hype and subsequent sales success of the Nothing Phone (1), the company unveiled the sequel a week ago. The new model is packing a more powerful chip, a revamped Glyph Interface, and a familiar design. Moreover, it’s available in more regions now than its predecessor. Meanwhile, Infinix’s upcoming GT 10 Pro and GT 10 Pro+ are shaping up to be serious contenders.

Founded in 2013, the Chinese brand is known for its budget-friendly products that range from laptops to smartphones. Over the years, it has established a positive reputation among consumers who prefer low-cost devices with competitive performance and specifications.

As we draw closer to the official release date, Infinix shares more interesting details about the latest SKUs. Industry insiders claim the GT 10 Pro and GT 10 Pro+ are aimed squarely at folks who are into the mobile gaming scene. In fact, these potential buyers prefer more garish elements over the usual.

Hence, the handsets flaunt a cyberpunk vibe with its semi-transparent rear panel which in a way channels the signature styling of Nothing’s catalog. It seems Infinix is also borrowing another unique selling point of its rival’s flagship model. Android OEMs are notorious for copying whatever works.

According to sources, the units will feature LED lights on the rear for notifications and more. However, these are stacked vertically and are located within the primary camera module of the GT 10 Pro and GT 10 Pro+. Apart from the cosmetic effects when a game launches, these likewise illuminate to convey various alerts or the battery charging status.

The GT 10 Pro and GT 10 Pro+ are equipped with MediaTek’s Dimensity 1300 and Dimensity 8050 SoCs, respectively. Both come with 5,000 mAh batteries and run Android 13 customized as XOS 13 by the manufacturer. Like the Nothing Phone (2), there are only two colors available: Mirage Silver and Cyber Black.

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Images courtesy of Inifnix