A growing trend in the hotel experience is the idea of movable room units that can be safely inserted into scenic natural settings and removed at the end of your stay. The Catalan design studio In-Tenta has revealed their new modular units they call the DROP box ($Inquire).

The DROP box is designed to be a temporary installation that can be added to existing small hotels, resorts, or safe areas. It comes in two sizes to accommodate couples or families up to four. The bedrooms are of a decent size and the three-piece bathrooms include a panoramic shower. In addition, each module comes with an attached outdoor terrace, while its ends are floor to ceiling windows with sliding glass doors to better immerse into the outdoor experience.

With an emphasis on environmentalism, the DROP box is created using mostly wood, for both Eco-friendliness and the warm ambiance this material brings to the interiors. This also helps keep the construction light enough for easy transport in and out of wherever it is desired. [via]