How would you rate your sense of balance? Depending on the type of activities you’re engaging in, it could be rivaling that of a feline, or you’re always falling for no reason. Some take up yoga, tai chi, and other similar exercises to address the issue, but a modern solution would be to use something like the Revbalance 101 V2.

It might not look like much at first, but this is a simple yet effective type of equipment for training yourself. You have a two-piece system that features a balance board and a roller. The former resembles a skateboard albeit shorter and sans the trucks and wheels. It measures 30 x 12 inches.

Meanwhile, the latter looks just like a solid cylinder where the board rests. The manufacturer uses heavy-duty materials to ensure user safety and it can reportedly support up to 400 lbs. Those heavier than that shouldn’t be risking it on the 101 V2 in the first place.

The top and bottom sport modern graphics and you can get the balance board in three colors. There’s blue, green, and gray. A cool feature of the 101 V2 is the Magswitch roller stops. There are cutouts where you can adjust the distance to really test your balance mastery. Over time, you’ll soon have it in the shortest setting or with no stops at all.

The product page states: “We took the 101, our most popular board, and gave it a top to bottom overhaul. A few years in the making the 101 v2 is a compact balance trainer ready to take your skills and instincts to the next level.” Revbalance indicates that this product can be used to train athletes, improve boardsports performance, and for rehabilitation.

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Images courtesy of Revbalance