Indian practice Iksoi Studio prioritized functionality with its construction design on Mallcom Factory, a PPE factory built on the site of an old textile mill in Ahmedabad. The building stands in its steel and concrete beams and columns with rigid concrete grid making up the facade and interior spaces.

The studio left the materials and structural elements exposed and unfinished across both the exterior and interior, to create an efficient facility that celebrates raw material. The building was then divided into four structurally independent spaces that circle around a central atrium, where a skylight, protected by a steel frame, bathes the areas in natural light.

The offices or admin spaces are on the ground floor while most of the work areas are on the upper level of Mallcom Factory. Spread throughout the interior, rooms, and corridors are a series of concrete columns and polished concrete floors. The gaps between the columns around the atrium have metal railings stretching across the openings to create balconies that overlook the level below. Meanwhile, concrete walls fill the other gaps in other places.

“The repetition of the columns and beams helps create a sense of rhythm, order and symmetry, evoking feelings of calmness and tranquility,” Iksoi Studio founder Dhawal Mistry tells Dezeen.

He adds, “On the outside the factory wears its toughness with pride” while within the unyielding fortress,” it is a “place of wonder and solace, where light and architecture coalesce in a mesmerizing display of softness and strength.”

Dhawal says of the use of exposed concrete on Mallcom Factory, “The use of simple and robust materials, such as steel and concrete, create a sense of honesty and authenticity. As such, the design prioritizes functionality, creating a space that is efficient, safe, and conducive to the production process.”

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Images courtesy of Iksoi Studio