Hyundai does not hesitate to come up with crazy concepts for its future lineup. So far, we’ve seen them tackle traversal over extreme terrain, hydrogen-electric systems, and other creative mobility platforms. While most are not likely to hit production, things could turn the other way around with enough demand. The latest entry is dubbed the NINE, but there’s a caveat.

You see, renders of this luxury sedan of tomorrow do not come from the South Korean carmaker. Instead, it’s the work of designers Yun Sik Kim and Jee Soo Kim. The exterior flaunts clean aerodynamic lines which create a seamless silhouette. The duo probably considered every detail to minimize drag and thus improve efficiency.

Even the side mirrors needed to go with discrete rear-facing pop-out cameras in their place on the A-pillars. Many manufacturers are integrating similar tech now but with a notable difference. They are mounting the imaging modules on fixed winglets. Another noticeable feature is the low ground clearance.

A view from the front shows vertical LED elements with similarly shaped headlights discreetly hidden when not in use. The Hyundai NINE concept mirrors this motif for the taillights which span the width of the EV. Although panel lines are clearly visible throughout the body, there are no signs of door handles or hinges anywhere.

Another remarkable aspect is the trunk decklid which lifts to reveal a cushioned bench seat. A storage compartment sits below. It’s a great way for owners to relax, take in the views, and maybe enjoy a drink or meal al-fresco style. The NINE rides on black four-arm aero rims with upper sections of the rear set covered by the fenders at the back.

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Images courtesy of Behance/Yun Sik Kim/Jee Soo Kim