Around summer, Hyundai drew excitement when it announced the high-performance N Vision 74. Those closely following developments in the EV scene were impressed by the company’s decision to go with a hydrogen-electric powertrain. It may not be commercially available at the moment, but the next-generation Kona Electric is something you could drive sooner instead.

Instead of a fully electric lineup, the South Korean carmaker will also offer hybrid and internal combustion engine versions of the Kona. In a way, this means there is something for everybody who is in the market for a new compact SUV. According to a press release, there are some welcome upgrades over its predecessor.

The overall physical footprint is noticeably larger. Hyundai notes the size increase should provide owners and their passengers with more “living space” within the cabin. The 2024 model year of the Kona Electric gets a longer wheelbase which expands the interior.

Ambient lighting elements are fully customizable for the personalized atmosphere. To give its cockpit a fresh look, Hyundai endows it with two 12.3” displays. One provides telemetry for the driver, while the other is solely for infotainment and other controls.

It’s not yet final, but insiders believe Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support should be standard. Next up is the exterior, which is accentuated by the futuristic Seamless Horizon Lamp. Apart from the pixel-like lighting, the Kona Electric also features more lights on its rear bumper and grille.

It rides on 19” rims and flaunts black detailing to designate its emission-free status. As of this writing, Hyundai is yet to share specifics about its capabilities and range. However, more information regarding the 2024 Kona Electric should follow in the next few months.

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Images courtesy of Hyundai